Mira Showers

Mira Electric ShowerWe had our downstairs bathroom remodelled this time last year.  In fact, last year was the start of a traumatic journey because of some health issues and it was those health issues which inspired us to go ahead and create a walk-in shower in our downstairs utility area.

Since we moved into this house, we’ve had Mira showers of one kind or another.  To be truthful, we’ve just had two of them – and between them, they’ve lasted 25 years.  So, we’re fans.

I came across some reviews for this shower and thought you might be interested:

“I bought this Mira sport shower unit to replace an identical model which we have had for years. It took our local plumber about 30 minutes to remove the old unit and replace with this new one. The plumber agreed that this is the best shower of it’s type available at the moment, and Argos was by far the best price that I could find for this product.”
and then –
“Easy to install and use. Nice and powerful and would recommend to others. Just make sure that you have a 40amp fused otherwise it will keep tripping the fuse box.”
It goes to show that buying a good quality fitting will be the cheapest result in the end.

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